Custom-designed, beautiful tubs — in as little as one day

Skip the difficult bath remodeling process—BATH FITTER offers beautiful acrylic bathtubs and bathtub liners that go beyond ordinary bathtub resurfacing. Our custom-made tub liners aren’t just a temporary solution, either. You’ll get top-notch acrylic bathtubs and tub surrounds with a lifetime warranty, valid for as long as you own your home! Our warranty is subject to certain limitations. See location for details.


 Charming and comfortable for the whole family..


Simple, elegant, trend-worthy design.


Beautiful traditional design for a timeless look.

Our Bathtub Remodeling Services Include:

  • Installation of a beautiful new acrylic bathtub liner and a matching one-piece wall system that fit seamlessly over your existing fixtures for a brand new look

  • One piece of acrylic material to prevent leaking

  • Durable, slip-resistant, high-gloss, scratch-resistant material that will continue to look beautiful and luxurious for years to come

  • Tub surrounds and accessories are available in a wide range of models and designs, in both solid and marble colors

  • Our color-matched bathtub wall surrounds are seamless with no corner joints, and are available with either smooth or tile-patterned finishes

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